Jump into a group below as we learn to follow Jesus in thought, action, and character

All too often, church involvement can be defined as attending a service, and then heading home. Discovery believes that spiritual formation happens within a small community that belongs, grows, and serves together.

We have the following groups represented:

  • Life Groups
  • Women's Ministry
  • Men's Ministry


Life Groups

We believe that the body of Christ is the most effective when it’s diverse.  So, Life groups consist of young families, singles, empty-nesters, and teens.   No two groups are the same, but all share the same purpose: to help each other follow Jesus in thought, action, and character. 

To find out how to join a life group in your area contact groups@dc2.me



Women's ministry provides many ways to connect, including a fall retreat and various Bible studies throughout the year. 

To find out more contact womens@dc2.me



Men's ministry involves various ways to connect - fall getaways, trips, seminars, and activities.

To find out more contact mens@dc2.me

Life Group Leaders Podcasts

Links to the Life Group Leaders training podcasts.

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