Unfinished Goal

$7.5 million over 24 months that will fund our general budget as well as the new building and ministries that God has in store for Discovery and its property. Unfinished will be used for:

  • Discovery’s General Fund ($4.15 million)

  • Expand The Barn’s Capacity ($1.1 million)

  • Create An Additional Building ($3 million)

  • Increase Our Paved Parking ($300,000)

  • Global Investment ($80,000)

  • Details below

Wait a minute, all that adds up to more than $7.5 million!

Why: Our Unfinished Goal is what we believe is a faith stretch for our congregation. These initiatives will require more than our Unfinished Goal will raise. We will manage the gap through a combination of debt, cash flow and additional time. Once our pledges are in, we will develop a final scope and timeline.

Master Plan

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Discovery’s General Fund
($4.15 Million)

  • Resourcing staff time for the greatest impact.

  • Providing ways for individuals to develop spiritually through all of our ministries.

  • Enhancing arts, children’s, youth and our special needs ministries.

  • Partner with local and global organizations to help write even more Unfinished stories.

  • A benevolence fund to assist individuals locally who are in need of assistance.

Expand The Barn’s Capacity For More Spacious Experience
($1.1 Million)

  • Expand lobby to enclose the current southwest covered patio, switch nursery and kitchen to provide a larger nursery and an open, spacious cafe and better people flow through the lobby.

  • Cover outside stairwell to make it inviting and usable.

  • Restructure auditorium seating and stage depth to allow for more seats and better flow of people.

  • Renovate basement for dedicated counseling space, and more meeting space mid-week and during services.

Create An Additional BuildinG
($3 Million)

  • The building will look and act like a ‘wing’ off the Barn, just off the existing patio, wrapping behind the playground.

  • Approximately 15,000 sq ft in two stories (no basement!) for children, youth, and people with special needs.

  • All space will be designed for multiple purposes and uses so we can share this space with existing and future ministry needs, and the community.

INCREASE Our Paved Parking

We current have 84 parking spaces and will increase this with the next phase of paved parking. The second lot will connect to the current lot and expand west toward Clay St.

Global Investment

While our general budget already has a robust global budget, we want to make a huge difference in Albania (Southeastern Europe) and Compton, California.

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