Dear Friends,

Steve Cuss

Lead Pastor

Most of us came from churches that were established long before we arrived. The church that reached my sister and me was launched in 1946. Forty years later, and we, along with a few dozen other teenagers, came along and came to faith. We learned that we were the answer to countless prayers and sacrifices offered by those who came decades before us. Our faith has a rich tradition of faithful followers of God sacrificing and working for future generations. Abraham and Sarah took a step of faith into the unknown and that step still impacts us today. Each of our stories of faith began as a direct result of people before us stepping out to create something that didn’t yet exist.

Today you and I get to do the same thing for others in our area.

Fourteen years ago God used the faith of a small band of believers to purchase the land we are on. Seven years ago we stepped out in faith again to build the Barn, but we are not finished. There are more people to serve, more to invite and more land to develop. That’s why we’re excited to launch Unfinished: Building Something Eternal. Together we will step out into the future, investing our faith and finances for the sake of others. Our commitment will have an impact for generations to come.

This sort of faith and sacrifice is contrary or insane to what is normal in our culture or what our friends do. Some of you are going to take your first ever step of faith - living in a way that only God can help you fulfill. Others are going to give your first ever significant donation. For many, you already practice a habit of faith walking and generosity, but you have steps to take as well. So do I. We are all unfinished because God has more work to do in and through us.

This is about those not yet here and those on the margins. This is about a two year initiative to fund our ministry plans, construct a building for children, youth and other ministry needs. It is about remodeling our Barn to open a counseling clinic, make room for other faith based nonprofits and expand our safe parking options.

This will only happen if every one of us joins Unfinished. I am asking every person who calls Discovery home to pray about what area of faith you are stepping into and what financial commitment you can make.

I am asking us all to take measures to openly grow and boldly give. The Gospel compels us to invest in those outside our families; we must go beyond merely caring for our loved ones.

Lead Pastor


Discovery Generosity Initiative

There are currently 300,000 people within the reach of Discovery who call our area home, yet we know that during any given week, less than 8% of them are within reach of the Gospel. We at Discovery, have the opportunity to make a Kingdom-sized impact through the hope of the Gospel for this generation and for generations to come.

When we moved into the Barn in 2013, we knew our work was unfinished. God has given us 18 acres here and frankly, we knew when we completed the basement that it would not be the permanent home for our children and youth. We also had big dreams of making a significant impact on our community’s chronic needs by providing affordable therapy, affordable housing and space for cutting edge nonprofits to share. The people who helped us get to this point did so by significantly sacrificing. Now it is our turn to step in faith and make a lasting impact for generations to come.

A few folks who came before us saw an unfinished story being written and sacrificially gave.


Will You Do The Same?

God, what do you want to do through me to accomplish your dream in this time and place?



Here’s What We’re
Asking Of You

We’re asking you to go on a spiritual journey with God and your family as you invite God to share with you what He wants to do through you to accomplish His dream in this time and place. Is God asking you to take the biggest step of generosity you’ve ever taken as we move together to achieve all He has for us?


M - Money:
As you ask God what He wants to do through you, prayerfully consider what He is calling you to commit financially over the next 24 months. We can’t complete this mission without you, nor do we want you to miss out on the incredible opportunities for growth, faith and discovery participation will provide.

O – Own It:
Will you share your Unfinished story with others and share how the legacy of those before you paved the way for your spiritual formation? Will you tell your friends, coworkers and others in your circle of influence about what God is doing and will continue to do as we partner together?

V – Vision:
Will you join us in one of our services every weekend beginning Feb 28/March 3 as we share more about the vision of Unfinished? Your enthusiasm and support will be infectious as we share our Unfinished mission and the ways we’ll help impact our city and places around the world.

E – Engage in Prayer:
Generosity is cultivated by engaging with God as He moves and transforms us. Pray that you will discover new levels in the depth of your commitment to God and to the unfinished burden He has placed in the heart of our church.


How it works

Giving campaigns can be confusing. Most giving initiatives, including previous ones at Discovery up until DIG, invite you to give over and above what you were already giving. But what about those who weren’t giving previously or those who don’t want to send one check each month for the general fund and another for Unfinished Initiative?

We believe at Discovery that it is all ONE MISSION that we’re on. Therefore, we decided to once again use a ONE FUND approach. For the next two years, our Unfinished Initiative will increase our ONE FUND while making a tremendous impact in the community, globally and in the lives of future generations. The ONE FUND will go towards:

  • Ongoing budgetary needs such as staff support and utilities

  • Construction costs for expanding the Barn and building a new building

  • Supporting outreaches nationally and around the world

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