Unearthing An Unfinished Future



Love God

By expanding our facility, we will make room for more people to worship with us. Kids who once were turned away due to full rooms will now receive love rather than rejection.


Serve Others

We currently have 2 licensed counselors providing below market rate services and one nonprofit organization using our building. By increasing space, we’ll be able to house up to 20 counselors and several nonprofit organizations. These expansions will allow us to more deeply address our area’s chronic needs.


Share The Reason For Our Hope

Rather than expecting people to come to us, Discovery’s local mission is to move towards local neighbors, specifically vulnerable children and the elderly. By breaking down barriers and meeting people exactly where they are, Discovery has the incredible opportunity of being the hands and feet of Jesus.

Unfinished is about making space to write into others’ unfinished stories. Unfinished is sacrificial and bold. Unfinished is believing in what currently doesn’t exist while recognizing that everyone’s unfinished story is worthy of ending with Jesus saying, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” Unfinished is one fund serving people in need, future generations and people all around the world.

Unfinished Local Outreach

In 2012, we thought we were doing something pretty great by serving homeless families a few times a year and providing a monthly meal to anyone who needed food and good fellowship. And you know what? It was pretty great, but it was just the beginning.

In the 6 years since the Barn opened, we’ve helped two church plants and launched a non-profit organization. We’ve sent teams on mission trips around the world, have provided free office space for city members, counselors and have housed those who don’t have anywhere else to stay. Some would say the impact has been impressive. We say it’s unfinished as we consider the even greater reach we’ll have once we maximize our facility and better utilize the land we’ve been given.

Unfinished will allow more nonprofits and human service agencies to use our building to provide assistance to modern day lepers and will make space for others to learn about this lavish love we’ve been given. Unfinished will also allow us to significantly expand our counseling reach.

An Unfinished Vision

Just like Abraham was called to leave Ur without knowing the details of his next steps, our vision for Discovery has adapted with time and insight. What originally was going to be an east/west division of our property between church and community use became abundantly clear that it would do just that: divide. That plan gave us a great place to start dreaming as we thought about the impact Discovery will make by inviting community onto our property and sharing its use. With time, God showed us how much greater that impact will be if we eliminate the dividing line and instead create every building, regardless of its location on our property, to be used for multiple purposes.