Discovery’s local mission is to move towards our local neighbors, specifically vulnerable children, and serve with a heart of reciprocity, dignity, and solidarity. 


Learn more about Reciprocity, Dignity, and Solidarity and how to care well for our vulnerable neighbors below.




"Foster care and adoption is not an easy road for families, but it doesn’t need to be lonely. Wrap Around is building a community around courageous foster and adopt families and saying yes to meeting these families’ tangible needs. Not everyone is called to foster or adopt, but everyone is called to care. Wrap Around bridges the gap between the needs of the foster or adopt community with the resources of the church." - America Kid's Belong

Sometimes foster children are placed in new homes in the middle of the night and the foster family isn’t prepared with basic items such as a crib or bed, sheets, clothes, shoes, etc. Other times they may need something different, like a friend, a meal, babysitting help for a few hours, a grocery run, someone to offer an extra hand for an afternoon, or a trained respite provider so they can take an evening away to recharge.

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Broomfield FISH

A food pantry whose mission is feeding families and fueling hope. Three reasons to contact FISH of Broomfield:

  1. You need assistance with food, utilities, and job search

  2. You/your neighbors/group would like to hold a food drive or adopt a shelf.

  3. You would like to volunteer in one of the many programs at FISH

General phone number: 303-465-1600, Website:

For more information, contact


Discovery Community Garden

Cathleen Horn heads up our garden ministry.  Our mission is to provide a community garden space where expert gardeners, novices, and children can come together to plant and harvest community and generosity, as well as vegetables and flowers.

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Growing Home

Growing Home is an organization with a mission “to guide children and their families on the path to a brighter future.” Growing Home’s vision is for the community “to work together so that families have a place to call home, have food on the table, and have the opportunity to pursue their dreams.” The organization started in 1998, initially as an interfaith community based shelter program. Over the years, Growing Home has developed several programs to serve the needs of low-income and under resourced families. Growing Home provides opportunities for families to gain strength during times of crisis through their shelter program, food pantry, and homeless prevention programs. Growing Home also serves children through early childhood programs that enhance their development and promote school success. “Growing Home is a leading anti-poverty organization in our local area, offering a rich pipeline of programs for children and families. Last year, Growing Home served 4,612 families through all of their programs, including more than 16,000 individuals, 61% of whom were children.”

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juvenile justice ministry

Juvenile Justice Ministry seeks to engage young people in relational outreach as they are met in a variety of youth-serving institutions (detention centers, probation, correctional facilities, group homes, residential treatment centers and emergency shelters). This strategy helps young people acquire and develop a way of living taught by Jesus Christ, balancing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of life. These valued relationships are sustained through ongoing involvement as they reenter their communities.

To find out more about serving weekly or monthly, contact:
Gareth J. Unruh, Chief Ministry Officer

Whiz Kids

Reaching children who fall below the literacy line and the poverty line, Whiz Kids is the largest one-on-one tutoring program in the Denver metro area that serves approximately 820 kids at over 50 sites. These students are primarily kids who are struggling academically and come from low-income families.  Students are not only provided help to improve academic skills, but they also are able to hear about the love of Jesus during Club Time following the tutoring session.  Currently, there is one Whiz Kids site in Broomfield, which meets on Tuesdays, from 6:30 to 8:00 P.M.

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What if a kid doesn’t go to church and frankly could care less about it? How do they get an invitation to hear about Jesus? Discovery loves Young Life’s mission of reaching kids who have no connection to Jesus or the local church. Volunteer leaders spend 6-8 hours per week loving kids as they are.

If you are interested in serving as a volunteer leader with Young LIfe contact:
Zach Kreeger, Area Director